How to use trim to cover gaps and cracks

Cavemen Even Used Trim to Cover Gaps and Cracks

Homeowners have been using trim to cover gaps and cracks since the beginning of our time.

Trim, plain and simple, is simply an object we all use to finish an edge of two materials at a meeting point. We trim everything in our lives from cars to houses. Trim also gives us the ability to cover gaps or cracks where we did not cut exactly right. Trim comes in every size, shape and color imaginable. Log homes are trimmed with mud and moss, jetliners are trimmed with very precise pieces of metal and plastic.

Trim is a universal term that has been around since the first caveman used rocks to cover gaps in his cave where the wind or snow would blow in.

Today, most people associate trim with wood or PVC that is used around our homes. Often times, people refer to trim around windows and doors and also where flooring meets a wall. Very few of us can cut wood moldings that are precise enough to avoid leaving gaps or cracks. There is a problem as our beautiful trim work requires just one more piece to cover our errors. In homes and commercial buildings this can be an important job. Gaps and cracks on the exterior of a building allows air and moisture to penetrate our buildings. Also, this is the perfect access point for bugs, cold air, warm air, or moisture - which we all hate for the effects it has on our dwelling of choice. Installing trim on anything from RV doors to commercial windows requires skill, a miter saw, nail gun and being able to measure with precision - not exceeding 1/16” and some would say even 1/32”. That is very difficult for the average DIY or very challenging for anyone that does not have extensive experience.

Every homeowner who has gone down the path of “sweat equity” to save some money has been in this situation and generally regrets the decision. Placing quarter round trim on your new flooring seems to be quite simple. It’s not until you have cut a 20-foot trim board short by ¼” where reality sets in and it’s frustrating. I have done wood moulding trim work where I have been up and down on my knees hundreds of times just to complete a flooring project. These projects take a lot of time and can waste a lot of wood, if not cut exactly right with the precision mentioned above.

Therefore, I invented InstaTrim 9 years ago to help consumers and businesses alleviate this frustrating but critical problem of how to install trim successfully. I asked myself - why must a trim piece be a rigid piece of wood that requires skill to install? Why not solve the problem with a professionally-made flexible self-adhesive trim strip that can simply be applied by pressing it in place?

InstaTrim is your answer and you can do it. I will save you many hours of work completing that last, but important piece of a pvc or wood trim project to ensure it looks perfect - and like a professional did it!

InstaTrim comes in 6 popular colors: White, Ivory, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray and Black. We also offer different widths to work with most projects that require covering a crack or gap in your workmanship.

When we say “Cover Your Crack”, we mean it, and hope you will try InstaTrim for a less stressful solution for your trimming projects.

You can do this.

Greg Amundson

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