InstaTrim application instructions

4 Steps for Covering your Bathroom Cracks

If you’re tired of cleaning and maintaining the caulk around your toilets, tubs, and showers, consider this maintenance-free alternative.

InstaTrim™ is moisture resistant, easy to apply and easy to clean. The patented, self-centering wings assure uniform positioning on any surface. And unlike caulk, there is no mess or toxic fumes. Installation is easy. Simply follow these four easy steps:

  1. Remove existing caulk and grout. It is important to clean the application area thoroughly. Use a knife or blade to cut away any existing caulk or grout and remove any loose debris from the area.
  2. Clean surfaces thoroughly. Wipe down the surfaces with silicone remover. If the surface has existing silicone caulk on it, you need to thoroughly remove all traces in order for InstaTrim to adhere properly. We recommend a product called McKanica Silicone Remover. Apply liberally to a lint-free cloth, wipe the area vigorously. Use a wire brush to help with the removal of stubborn caulk or grout.
  3. Apply InstaTrim™. Begin the application in an area that is hidden from sight. Cut the end of the InstaTrim™ strip at a 45-degree angle. Peel the liner off of the back of the strip and begin to press the strip into the crack, with the adhesive side against the crack. Continue to press InstaTrim™ straight into the crack along the area to be covered. Be careful not to stretch the strip as you go. Once the entire length is covered, firmly press the strip into the crack again and run your finger along the strip to ensure adhesion to the surface.
  4. Finish the seams. Cut the ends of the first piece applied and the next piece at opposite 45-degree angles in order to form a tight, overlapping seam. Apply a small drop of permanent adhesive glue to the end of the strip where the two ends will meet to seal the angled ends together where there is no adhesive.

Viola! It’s caulking made easy!