Toilet base caulking before and then after using beige instatrim flexible trim strips..

Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays? InstaTrim Can Help!

Is your bathroom ready for guests?

The holidays are rapidly upon us and most of us will be getting together with family and friends for celebrations. Hopefully, you have some time off to relax and enjoy the holidays and along with those ugly sweaters you’re going to notice all the ugly cracks and gaps on the back of your countertops, along the edge of cabinets where the walls aren’t straight, and along the edge of your new flooring where the molding was just a little bit too short. Also, don’t forget your bathrooms, how many times have you looked at that ugly gap around the base of your toilet or the moldy caulking in your tub or shower that you hope your guests won’t see. InstaTrim is your answer for a quick and simple solution. Simply peel and stick and press in place to solve these problems in minutes and you don’t have to wait for it to dry, it’s ready immediately.

Now is a great time to be proactive and to easily and quickly address these problem areas. InstaTrim comes in WHITE, IVORY, LIGHT BROWN, DARK BROWN, BLACK and GREY. We also have 2 sizes available, ½” wide InstaTrim for gaps up to ¼” wide and our new ¾” wide InstaTrim for gaps up to 3/8” wide.  InstaTrim is simple to use and comes in 10 foot long rolls for easy installation. To apply InstaTrim simply peel off the protective liner on the adhesive and gently place in the gap or corner you need to fix. Once InstaTrim is positioned where you want it to be, go back and press it in firmly with your finger. Our self-centering patented wing technology will ensure you have the perfect looking trim. InstaTrim is also easy to buy, it’s on,, and Shipping is fast and free so you still have plenty of time to complete your project in minutes.

Don’t spend all of your free time working on messy and complicated caulking jobs, use InstaTrim and really enjoy the Holidays!