Trim stips used in commercial windows as a solultions.

Flexible Trim Strips That Solve Commercial Window Problems

Flexible trim strips by InstaTrim® are the sought-after solution for homeowners and commercial contractors. It’s easy to install and gives our customers a perfect line, every time. We’re pleased that it proved to be the perfect solution for Jonathan Varela of 4 S.T.E.L. Engineering, Inc. in Mission Viejo, California.

Jonathan's Story

Jonathan contacted InstaTrim® to help solve a problem in their newly constructed office with our flexible, self-adhesive trim strips. The corners between their glass and sheet rock walls weren’t coming together in a way that was visually pleasing. They wanted a product that would cover the seam with a smooth line that looked good from both sides of the glass wall.

 4 S.T.E.L. Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Varela found products that were expensive, unappealing, and didn’t look like they would solve the problem. Then, during a web search, he found InstaTrim®. Impressed with the ease of installation and the clean, professional look it provided, Jonathan called InstaTrim®, Inc. to get more information.

 With a commitment to helping people solve their unique, and sometimes complicated remodeling and interior decorating issues, we were glad to brainstorm with Jonathan about how our moisture and airflow resistant flexible PVC trim products could meet his needs. When he reached out, he was interested in our black ¾” trim strip, but after learning more about where it would be installed, we recommended a 1” inch custom-made trim strip, thinking it would be the perfect solution.

Then, Jonathan asked if we had a black trim strip with black adhesive, so the color would be consistent on both sides of the glass. We had recently begun manufacturing black adhesive to match our black self-stick strips, which proved to be the perfect solution to make both sides of the glass walls visually pleasing.

 Not long after our phone conversation with Jonathan, we were able to ship him his Peel. Press. Perfect. solution, a 1” black trim strip with black adhesive backing.

 “I received the product and it did exactly what we wanted – covered the gaps, with a professional look, and it helped block sound from one office to the other. InstaTrim® provided our company a corner edging strip that was the perfect solution to cover window gaps between glass and drywall. It is a great product and we’re glad we found it!”

- Jonathan Varela , COO of 4 S.T.E.L.


 Problem solved!

Have you used InstaTrim® in a unique building, renovation, or remodeling project like 4 S.T.E.L.? We would love to hear from you. Drop us a note, and maybe you can be the feature of a future blog post. Are you in need of a flexible trim solution for an upcoming project? Check out our online store and take advantage of our free shipping offer.