How to make Instatrim last longer

Quick Tips for Making InstaTrim Last Longer

InstaTrim has a long lasting adhesive, here are some tips to make it even better.

We hear a lot of feedback from our customers and we love it! Positive or negative, we read them all and always respond back to any question. We are here to help in any way to improve your satisfaction with our InstaTrim Products. Products such as InstaTrim are unique in that the success of the product depends on the consumer reading the instructions and following our recommended procedures for application.

While InstaTrim has been tested and designed to provide a simple application, sometimes there are unique projects that may require additional steps to ensure a successful install.

InstaTrim Adhesive

We have engineered a unique adhesive on all of our InstaTrim Products. Our adhesive is unique in that it does not dry out and become hard or brittle. In addition, our adhesive is non-toxic and is a rubber based adhesive called “butyl”. The other advantage with our adhesive is that it provides adhesion even with small amounts of movement between two dissimilar materials such as a floating wood floor and base trim. InstaTrim’s adhesive will last for many years and provide protection from dirt, debris, moisture and even bugs.

Silicone Residue

Silicone is a “rubbery” type of caulk that has been used for decades and is found in almost every bathroom in the world. It is usually a decent product except for the fact that it is very difficult to apply and is not a permanent solution. It is critical that you do not have any old silicone on your application surface as nothing will stick to old silicone except more silicone. To remove old silicone you will need to cut off as much as you can with a razor blade followed up with using acetone and a type of scrubbing pad (make you sure the work area is ventilated as acetone can be very noxious). Once completed, use a small piece of InstaTrim and test the application area for good adhesion. If our InstaTrim does not stick well you still have silicone on the application surface.

Curves and Tight Radius Applications

InstaTrim generally works very well around curves but you may find a tight curve or radius causes the InstaTrim to “bunch up” around the curved surface. One tip to solve this problem is to use a hair dryer. Applying heat to your InstaTrim softens the PVC and also makes the adhesive softer and more sticky. This is a great trick to use for curves and also any areas that are not adhering very well.