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5 Ideas for Adding a Pop of Spring Color in Your Home

Adding a pop of color to your home

With Spring just around the corner, what home improvement ideas are springing into your head?  Redecorating your living room? Freshening up your kitchen or bath?

If you have big budget ideas, but live in a small budget reality, adding a “pop of color” is a good and inexpensive way to jazz up a room. Here are some ideas that popped into our head:

  1. Cover your couches with slipcovers
    They come in a variety of colors and patterns from solid to patterns and floral designs. We found over 300 of them on Walmart.com.
  2. Change out your throw pillows
    Pillows are cheap and can really change the look of a room. You can choose spring flowers and bright colors to place on furniture and beds.
  3. Replace your shower curtain
    There is a multitude of choices for updating your bathroom décor. Choose a theme, a fresh color or an appealing pattern. Then accessorize to match.
  4. Add a bouquet
    Whether their fresh or silk, colorful flowers can brighten a room and brighten your day!
  5. Trim your home for fashion and function
    InstaTrim® is a flexible trim strip that can be used to trim everything from sloppy paint jobs on walls to ceilings, flooring, countertops, bathtubs and beyond. It comes in six colors that provide that pop of color needed to accent a room – it can also be painted to match your existing wall color.

When choosing new colors for your home this Spring, consider this:

HGTV released a list of trending colors for Spring 2018. Their “Hottest Hues” are:

  1. Exotic Reds
  2. Toned-down orange
  3. Happy Yellow
  4. Perky Peach
  5. Sandstone Taupe
  6. Jade Green
  7. Eucalyptus
  8. Pale Aqua
  9. Energized Blues
  10. Dusty Lavender
  11. (Ultra) Violet

So, pop in or pop online and grab a pop of color to spring into Spring!