Get Instatrim to stay put using a few tools

Adhesives are Tricky. Get InstaTrim to Stay Put!

We’ve talked to some of our customers who are having trouble installing InstaTrim and making sure it stays in place. Adhesives are tricky. As a consumer adhesive product, we must rely on the consumer to properly prep and clean the application surface to ensure that InstaTrim works as it should. This is a challenge and something we take very seriously.

A few of the issues that our customers struggle with are, proper surface preparation, removing all traces of silicone caulk and not applying enough pressure along the entire strip to ensure our adhesive bonds properly to the application surface.

Cleaning is key 

Adhesives will attach to the first thing they come into contact with. Try it. Take a piece of tape, try to stick it to an area that has dust and dirt on it. It won’t stick very well and will easily come off. If the surface you are applying InstaTrim to has dirt, dust, crumbs, etc on it, the adhesive will grab that and coat the surface of the adhesive so when you press the trim into place, there isn’t enough sticky surface left to grab onto the application area. Be sure to vacuum away any debris and wipe the area with mild soap and a damp cloth to remove all dust and grime. Let the area dry completely before installing InstaTrim.

The problem with silicone 

 Silicone is used in things like sealants, adhesives, coatings, cookware, toys, etc…, and it works great! The problem with silicone is that nothing will stick to it except more silicone. That is why it is critical that you do not have any old silicone caulk or silicone sealant on your application surfaces prior to installing InstaTrim. To remove silicone caulk, you will need to cut off as much as you can with a razor blade or caulk removal tool followed up with acetone and a scrubbing pad or brush to remove all residue. Make sure the work area is ventilated as acetone can be very noxious. Once completed, use a small piece of InstaTrim and test the application area for good adhesion. If our InstaTrim does not stick, you still have silicone on the application surface.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive

InstaTrim uses pressure-sensitive adhesive that is soft like putty and it doesn’t dry out over time, so it will move with expansion and contraction. Pressure-sensitive means that it requires firm pressure to force it into contact with the application surface making the adhesive spread a bit and maintain good contact. Our adhesive molds itself into the irregularities of the corner, this process is critical to properly bond to the application surface. This is especially important when installing our flexible trim to ceiling and wall corners. Gravity will work against you if not pressed into contact with the corners.

Our new Applicator Tool greatly improves the installation process and ensures that the adhesive is making good and even contact with the surface you apply it to. With a proper installation your InstaTrim will last for many years.

Keep these things in mind when you install InstaTrim and it will last for years.