Easy Flexible Trim Solutions for Business and Professional Needs

Easy Flexible Trim Solutions for Business and Professional Needs

Solutions for every type of business

InstaTrim has continued its increase in business or professional industry orders for flexible trim. We are now receiving orders based on construction drawings, where an architect has specified self-adhesive InstaTrim products for specific application areas in a home, apartment building or hotel.

One of the more popular applications for our flexible trim is where flooring meets the base of a bathtub.

In the past, these areas have typically been finished using traditional, messy caulk. As many contractors know, caulking is a short-term solution for areas that tend to be wet more than others. Over time, caulk discolors and shrinks, pulling away from the surface it was meant to seal. InstaTrim provides a faster installation and a better-looking finish for any floor trim need. In addition, InstaTrim does not need to dry so once it’s installed its done and will last for many years. But remember, if you are re-modeling, you need to remove all traces of old silicone caulk before InstaTrim will adhere properly to the surface.

The marine or boating industry is another trade that is contacting us more often. Fiberglass boats have modular components attached to the hull such as the center council. Here again, caulking has been the traditional product used in these areas. Unfortunately, since caulk tends to shrink, peel off and tends to grow mold or mildew, it needs replacing every year. InstaTrim flexible trim strips provide a perfect long-term solution for these areas that will match the surrounding fiberglass very well and is mold and mildew resistant.

We also sell InstaTrim products to window companies for use on replacement windows. Typically, existing window openings are not perfectly straight and square which, again, requires caulking to fill in the gaps. Unless you are a professional, caulking is time consuming, is not an attractive finish trim, and as previously mentioned, fails over time. InstaTrim is the perfect solution for window trim indoors and out. It provides a professional looking flexible trim that blends in with window trim – available in multiple common trim colors, it takes only minutes to install and does not need to dry or cure once it is installed. We’re finding that another reason InstaTrim is being used for window trim is that half-round and other custom shaped windows are nearly impossible to trim with rigid wood or plastic trim. InstaTrim’s flexibility solves this problem and the time savings means you can get your project done quicker.

Another bonus of using InstaTrim for window trim is that it is designed with an all-weather, long term adhesive that is rubber-based. Our adhesive will stay soft and allow for natural movement between two surfaces without compromising its adhesion.

Additional types of business that have had success with our InstaTrim Products are the RV manufactures and consumers remodeling their RV’s and campers.  With our ability to provide a flexible trim solution, our products can easily go around curves and corners to solve the awkward and never-ending cracks and gaps found in RVs and campers along floor edging and countertop and cabinet trim and where the walls meet the ceilings.

As we continue to expand our marketplace we believe we can offer a better and faster solution for many more trimming needs like concrete floors, clean room setups, maintenance solutions instead of caulk for bathrooms and food preparation areas in restaurants and bars, custom corner trim for retail stores and much more.