The Era of COVI-DYI and its Effect on Home Improvement

The Era of COVI-DYI and its Effect on Home Improvement

We are going to take a guess you are probably a do-it-yourselfer and reading this from your home or cabin.  All those small issues in your house, boat, RV, cabin, or even office have become more apparent. However, you finally have the time to research how to finally fix them.  You’re not alone, according to HubSpot:

“…customers are researching brands more heavily online and initiating more online interactions with businesses today than they were a year ago.”

The increase of coronavirus sales on home improvement projects has become an unanticipated good problem for many DIY product manufacturers and consumer home improvement products like InstaTrim.  In our daily interactions, we have noticed:

For our new customers, we fit right into that trend of consumer DIY research. We have received more how-to questions from consumers that are new to our flexible trim strips.  They want to know how to fix their ugly dried up caulking with an alternative that is not hard to install.

For our current customers, recent feedback has been that failing or moldy caulking becomes more apparent when you are staring at it every day, so they continue to buy more in the hopes of completing their entire home by the end of the pandemic.  Once you make one room looking sharp with InstaTrim, you immediately want make the other rooms match too.

Coronavirus impact on Professional Home Improvement Projects

Depending on your location, larger scale residential projects have been put on hold or have stopped altogether.  Many contractors report that they expect the project delays to last at least a month. Many homeowners are pausing those larger cost or non-essential home remodels and sticking with DIY projects like painting or fixing caulk around tubs, sinks, and countertops. However, outdoor projects seem to be holding steady. 

“The summer of 2020 has been strange.  Our inside construction related projects have mostly paused, but our landscaping work has tripled as have odd jobs outside – or most things on the outside of homes. I have instead shifted the focus on my business – for a little bit anyway until this winter – hopefully it will return to [the way it was] in 2019.”

-Bob Kreft – Northland Construction and Landscaping

COVIDYI and your sanity.

While large scale remodeling or construction projects inside the home have slowed for professionals, homeowners are finding that being able to stay busy with DIY projects or outdoor landscaping projects can help ease the feelings of isolation and get you moving, also reducing the amount of screen time they are spending.  

For DIYers, having more time at home is the biggest impact the coronavirus has had on DIY projects. This is the primary reason so many homeowners are starting projects – now finishing them is the toughest part of any project. 

In the Era of COVIDYI, thankfully, InstaTrim is here to help you learn how to fix those gaps and cracks faster and without the need for messy caulk.


Did you know?  InstaTrim can be used with your DIY patio project!  We are a great alternative over caulk as a finishing touch in "DIY 2020" - the year of tailgating at home on your patio became popular.