Backyard Homegating – Another New Normal

Backyard Homegating – Another New Normal

Our backyards have become the social areas of our homes we are making improvements to accommodate this social activity. We are adding new decks, patios, furniture, grilling areas, umbrellas, lighting, tv’s and much more. Chances are you have been spending a lot of time in your backyard with family and friends these days. The reasons are obvious but this trend, which our friend John Lederer calls “Backyard Homegating”, is a relatively new trend that will most likely become a permanent norm for most of us. 

So how do InstaTrim Flexible Trim Products relate to this new trend? Undoubtably, when we add more decorative items in our lives often times this also creates areas that need to be finished to provide a nice-looking trim detail. You are no longer stuck using traditional caulking and wood or metal trim. InstaTrim is a flexible self-adhesive trim that can be used just about anywhere you have a gap or crack and want it to have a clean finish. You’ve spent a significant amount of money in your backyard so why shouldn’t it look as clean and nice as the inside of your house?

Let’s start with your patio.

Chances are you may be doing something a little more dazzling than a plain concrete patio.  Think about a Tuscany stained finish to really make it pop. These types of surfaces often-times are cut with a saw at certain intervals to provide stress relief and to control where the cracking occurs. InstaTrim works very well at covering these saw cuts which can hold dirt and sometimes allows weeds to grow. This flexible caulk replacement provides a nice accent trim that really adds to the overall look of a new stained concrete patio and gives it a clean finish as well.


As popular as a patio but usually above ground. Interesting deck design has become a new trend over the past few years and the materials and shapes are limitless. Often times a finished deck may need a little extra trim to finish it off against the house or around posts. This is where InstaTrim shines, and really gives your decks a clean and finished trim where the deck meets the house or against any structure that protrudes through your deck.

Windows, doors and more.

Traditionally, caulking has always been used to fill the gaps and cracks around windows and doors. InstaTrim takes this to a new level by providing a simple and easy to use self-adhesive trim product with 6 common colors that match just about any décor. Our adhesive is suitable for all temperatures and our PVC is made with UV stabilizers to retain the color.

Lighting and TVs.

Decorative lighting is growing by leaps and bounds and there is no limit to the lighting options today. With the advent of LED lights you can accomplish a lot with a safe 12 volt system and add that unique effect to your backyard livingroom. Believe it or not, flat screen TV’s are becoming more popular outside too. In fact, they now market weatherproof TV’s just for that purpose. No doubt once TV’s are in, gaming is sure to follow. This brings us to another unique use for InstaTrim. Use it as a trim cover for wiring that runs along a wall or deck to hide exposed wires.

The backyard social area is here to stay and the number of new products being introduced by Lowe’s and other big box stores is increasing every month.  These areas are no longer the rough and dirty barbeque areas that we all grew up with but is now a decorated and finished extension of our homes that will provide many hours of quality time for our friends and families.