1/2-inch Trim Outside Corners 10-Pack

$15.95 USD

Our InstaTrim Outside Corner Caps make finishing the installation of InstaTrim flexible trim strips easy. These innovative corners close the gaps of 90-degree inside and outside corners. The end caps finish exposed trim ends to create a clean, finished look.

Inside and outside corner caps slip over the end of the InstaTrim strips at the corner so you no longer need to cut a precise compound edge to finish the corners. The end caps are the perfect solution to covering exposed trim ends where the InstaTrim does not butt to another surface.

  • FINISH CORNERS - These innovative corners close the gaps of 90-degree inside and outside corners to create a clean, finished look. Great for windows, counters, flooring, and more, these trim pieces cover the corner gap between two pieces of InstaTrim flexible trim.
  • EASY APPLICATION - Don't waste another afternoon on a frustrating DIY project with confusing instructions. InstaTrim has easy-to-follow, clear instructions that will make your next home improvement project a breeze. These corner and end pieces work perfectly with InstaTrim 1/2" flexible adhesive trim. Simply slide the ends of the InstaTrim strips between the “face” and the “tail” of the cap piece at the corner - that's it! Then, sit back and enjoy the professional, finished look.
  • NO MESS, NO STRESS - Traditional caulking can be messy, even for people who have used the product before. InstaTrim takes the mess and hassle out of caulking projects, while still providing great results.
  • DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY - InstaTrim's patented formula provides a strong, dependable seal every time. For us, quality is always our top priority. These sturdy, corner caulking pieces neatly finish corners and are long-lasting. When it comes to your home, you don't want to settle for anything but the best.
  • MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸 - At InstaTrim, we pride ourselves in manufacturing the best trim and caulking alternatives here in the USA. Our family of patented products works together to create long-lasting results that look clean and professional. Experience the quality of American manufacturing and see the difference it can make in your home. Our family-owned business appreciates our loyal customers and works hard to make sure they are always satisfied with our products.
  • WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD - Not for children under 3 years.


1 Clean surface and let dry.

2 Peel back the liner.

3 Press firmly into the gap.

4 Trim the finished edge, and voila!


InstaTrim works with all surfaces that do not have silicone or silicone residue on them, like: Granite, Laminate, Wood, Glass, Metal, and more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
End caps

They are hard to hold in place. No surface large enough to put glue on.

Mark H.
Bought corner trim and end-caps

Really didn't get a lot for the money. Plus expensive shipping for something weighing one ounce. 2 each inside corners, outside corners, end caps. Original pack from the store had 1 each and I needed 2 insides and ends. Maybe start offering these trim packs at retail outlets.


Worked amazing

Gerard C.
already sent a review.

see review sent on 2/13/20204. Still no answer on that

Gerard C.
trim is ok

It looks good when you install it, but We live in NE and when the temperature drops, the trim seems to shrink leaving gaps. I used your rolling tool to install as well. The corner pieces are ok but are a bit too short.

Brenda C.
Worth it!

The corners create a clean look to the Insta-trim application. Easy to apply and stays in place. Don't skimp on your project and not get these.

Sonia P.
3/4-inch Trim Corner & End Caps Variety 6-Pack

Not very good. I was limited by the set you sell and it did not give me many choices for the type of endings I needed. I paid a lot of money for the set to only be able to use one or two end caps.

Sonia, our apologies for the trim pieces we sent you did not work for your application. If you need any additional pieces we would be happy to send them out to you. Let us know, Greg