Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions or need advice on a project you’re working on, drop us a note or give us a call, we’re happy to help.

Why are InstaTrim® products a better solution than caulk?

Unfortunately, caulk usually grows mold, loses adhesion to the application surface, is very challenging to apply properly and it gives off toxic fumes during and after application. InstaTrim® products do not grow mold or mildew and is a healthier alternative because it is made from PVC and a proprietary, non-toxic adhesive that does not give off toxic fumes, does not require curing time and will not lose adhesion over time. Also, InstaTrim® Products come in a recycled cardboard box that is 100% recyclable and easy to open. Better yet, InstaTrim® products are 100% made in the USA!

How are InstaTrim® products different from all the other caulk strips on the market?

Other caulk strips currently on the market receive negative reviews saying they come loose almost immediately and look “cheap”. We have designed InstaTrim® products to look and function similarly to a bead of caulk, leaving your project clean and professional. With our Patented “wing” design and a proprietary high performance adhesive, InstaTrim® products will conform and seal to almost any application surface including ceramic tile, laminate, solid surfaces, wood, metal and much more. However, InstaTrim® Products and other caulk strips will not adhere to silicone.

Why aren't InstaTrim® products sticking to the surface I am using it on?

Most likely, there is old silicone caulk or residue from silicone already on the surface. Silicone is unique in that no other adhesive will stick to it, that’s why it is very important that all silicone be removed 100% for successful adhesion of InstaTrim® products. The good news is, that silicone and silicone residue can be removed with a few additional steps.

  1. Remove as much as you can with a razor blade.
  2. Apply a silicone remover product to help dissolve the old silicone. We have had success with Mckanica Products, WD40 and acetone. It will also help to scrub with a “scrungy” for effective removal.
  3. Wipe the surface vigorously with acetone and a lint-free cloth. Please make sure to properly vent the room, as some of these products have toxic fumes.

How do I know if there is silicone on the surface?

Silicone caulk is a “rubbery” textured product with unique characteristics not common to any other material. If InstaTrim® products don’t stick to it, it is most likely, silicone.

Does the adhesive go all the way to both edges? If not, how do I prevent water from getting under the edges and causing mildew that I can't see?

InstaTrim® products use a high performance adhesive that will conform to the irregularities on the application surface. The adhesive combined with our patented flexible wings will provide two layers of protection against water or debris getting behind the caulk strip. In addition, we use a high grade PVC that will not grow mold or mildew.

Will InstaTrim® products work on my kitchen countertop where there is a 1/4” gap between it and the wall in some places?

InstaTrim® products will cover gaps up to approximately 1/4” wide. It is important that at least one side of the adhesive make contact to the application surface to ensure its integrity. If you are in need of a product to cover a wider gap, please use the contact us button. We are able to manufacture custom sizes and colors of all InstaTrim® products.

When used on tile, how does InstaTrim® stick to the little dips where the grout is? Do I have to fill those in somehow to keep water from seeping down them?

InstaTrim® will conform to most grout lines provided they are not deeper than about 1/16” to 1/8”. For deeper grout joints you can wipe a small amount of non-silicone caulk to fill the gap as needed.

I've seen in the video how InstaTrim® products bend nicely around outside corners. What about inside corners? Must it be cut and mitered?

InstaTrim® will need to be cut with a razor blade or scissors at the inside corner to create a tight 45 degree splice. Another method is to “butt” one end of the InstaTrim® strip tight into the corner and back cut the other piece to overlap at a 45 degree angle.

How do I remove InstaTrim® in the future if I want to repaint?

InstaTrim® can be easily removed at anytime in the future. The adhesive may leave some residue but is easily removed with a razor blade. InstaTrim® is also paintable with any latex or enamel paint if you are using it to mend a cracked corner and want to paint over it.

What is your return policy? If I try it and don't like it, can I return it?

InstaTrim® is 100% guaranteed and can be returned for a full refund (less shipping costs) at any time!