Light Brown Mind The Gap Project Kit

$40.90 USD
$29.77 USD
1/2 in Wide
10 ft Long 2-Pack

Our Mind the Gap Kit has all the pieces you need to get your DIY project completed efficiently. The InstaTrim Mind the Gap Kit includes our 1/2 inch wide flexible, self-adhesive trim strips and the Applicator tool. InstaTrim is perfect for use on any trim project - floors, doors, windows, backsplash, toilets, wall corners and more. InstaTrim's unique design provides protection against dust, dirt, moisture and air movement. The InstaTrim Mind the Gap Kit includes:

  • 1/2" wide flexible, self-adhesive trim strips
  • Applicator Tool
  • Made in USA!

The InstaTrim Applicator Tool ensures a strong bond between InstaTrim and the surface where you install it. InstaTrim includes pressure-sensitive adhesive that forms into the irregularities on areas it is installed. In order for InstaTrim to adhere properly, once it is set in place, you must firmly press the strip into place. Our applicator tool helps you apply enough even pressure along the entire strip to ensure adhesion and to make InstaTrim last for years.

  • For use on both 1/2" and 3/4" wide peel-and-stick InstaTrim
  • Rolling wheels make sure the adhesive bonds effectively
  • Makes applying pressure during installation easy
  • Keep InstaTrim in place for years!
  • Made in USA 🇺🇸



    1 Clean surface and let dry.

    2 Peel back the liner.

    3 Press firmly into the gap.

    4 Trim the finished edge, and voila!


    InstaTrim works with all surfaces that do not have silicone or silicone residue on them, like: Granite, Laminate, Wood, Glass, Metal, and more!