Trim Accents on Bold and Beautiful Paint

Trim Accents on Bold and Beautiful Paint

Bold paint colors are trending this year, providing a unique opportunity for DIYers.

A lot of people are unaware of the new specialty paints that are available to make a statement in any room with their texture and depth. Textured paints can create an array of effects on the walls of your home, from the look of canvas to a vision of sand on the beach. From rugged to glitter and glam, these paints are making their way onto walls across America.

However, when homeowners paint with bold colors and textures, it’s hard to get a nice accent line between walls, baseboards and ceilings. InstaTrim® helps with that by creating a fashionable contour and contrast on bold and beautiful paint jobs, while also offering functional features.

InstaTrim is a flexible, self-adhesive trim strip. From homeowners to contractors, people love how easy it is to install, with no mess or waste. It looks great as a trim finish and is an alternative to messy caulk. InstaTrim prevents dirt and debris from collecting in cracks and gaps and provides a maintenance-free barrier against moisture and airflow.

It’s fashionable and functional!

In the kitchen, people content with their white kitchen cabinets are brushing dark blue, green and orange on their walls for contrast. With a selection of trim colors, InstaTrim offers a complementary transition between the two, while covering the gap that often occurs between the wall and cabinet.

The bathroom is no exception. A white sink, toilet and tub positively pop when set within dramatic wall color and tile and trimming around them with our flexible trim solution that creates a clean accent line.

We encourage you to enthusiastically paint with bold and beautiful colors and trim up the job with InstaTrim. You’ll get a perfect line every time!