Turkey with ALL the Trimmings

Turkey with ALL the Trimmings

3 things you don’t want to miss

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and for many, preparations are already beginning for this day of gratitude. As you begin to prepare a feast with all the trimmings for family and friends, don’t forget to also trim the place where everyone will gather.

Trimmings aren’t just for the turkey! Here are three things you don’t want to miss when dressing your house to meet guests:

  1. Replace moldy and mildewed backsplash and countertop caulk with a fresh line of trim – InstaTrim™ comes in 6 common décor colors.
  2. Freshen the seal around the base of your toilets.
  3. Cover cracked drywall corners and messy paint lines.

InstaTrim™ makes caulking easy because it’s a flexible, self-adhesive strip that can be applied anywhere. It’s non-toxic and made of PVC, which doesn’t require curing, so there are no toxic and smelly fumes. Set the scene while you set the table and welcome your guests with all the trimmings, beyond your table! 

Photo of a turkey with text: You handle the InstaTrim, leave the turkey trimming to me.