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Trim Accents on Bold and Beautiful Paint

Trim Accents on Bold and Beautiful Paint

By Greg Amundson- May 10, 2019

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Bold paint colors are trending this year, providing a unique opportunity for DIYers. A lot of people are unaware of the new specialty paints that are available to make a statement in any room with their texture and depth. Textured paints can create an array of effects on the walls of your home, from the look of canvas to a vision of sand on the beach. From rugged to glitter and glam, these paints are...
InstaTrim covers stains, smears and smudges

Cover Stains, Smears and Smudges

By Kevin Calgren- Jul 25, 2017

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Moisture damage, a bad paint job and general deterioration of your home can cause unsightly stains, smears and smudges where the ceiling meets the wall. Whether your home is loved, but worn down or about to go up for sale, you can use an easy to apply ceiling and wall corner solution.