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InstaTrim Patent

Prepping for Patents

By Kevin Calgren- Nov 10, 2017

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Greg Amundson is an inventor and an entrepreneur with good business sense. He had an idea for a caulking alternative that would save homeowners time, money and mess. As a result, do-it-yourselfers across the country are trimming their home improvement projects with InstaTrim™, THE Universal Trim Solution.
InstaTrim™ Seals the Case for Operation Honor

InstaTrim™ Seals the Case for Operation Honor

By Kevin Calgren- Oct 25, 2017

Tags : Veterans

Greg and Betsy Amundson, owners of CornerFlex, Inc, the company behind the caulking alternative, InstaTrim™, are proud to partner with Operation Honor in Owen County, Kentucky to produce burial flag cases, handcrafted in America by U.S. Veterans.