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InstaTrim, Made in America

Our Flexible Trim Strips Will Always Be Made in America

By Greg Amundson- Apr 20, 2020

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InstaTrim Flexible Trim Strips will always be made in the USA and our commitment to that stays firm. When you buy American-made products, you help create American jobs, from the companies making the products to the companies that manufacture and sell them. Use InstaTrim and you will be supporting fellow Americans and American Companies.
DIY Things to Do When You Are #StayingHome – Part Two

DIY Things to Do When You Are #StayingHome – Part Two

By Greg Amundson- Apr 01, 2020

Tags : caulk replacement stripsDIYInstaTrimPeel and Stick Caulkstayinghomethings to do during covid

Still Bored? Last week I gave you some ideas of small projects that are often over-looked in bathrooms - toilet base, sink, flooring, bathtub, shower and vanities. This week I’ll show you how to replace or finish these areas with tips and tricks that will make your DIY project successful.
InstaTrim is Protected and Ready for DIY Consumers - The Inventor Part Three

InstaTrim is Protected and Ready for DIY Consumers - The Inventor Part Three

By Greg Amundson- Feb 06, 2020

Tags : Caulk AlternativeDIYFlexible TrimGreg AmundsonInstaTrimInstatrim on AmazonPeel and Stick Caulk

Now you’ve invented and protected your idea, how do you get it in front of consumers? Eyeballs!  That’s what your new product needs, lots and lots of consumer eyeballs!  This sounds easy but if you consider the millions of new products being introduced around the world this is your biggest challenge. For example, if our consumer is not aware that there is a new peel and stick caulk solution to fix cracks and gaps in...
Greg Amundson, inventor of InstaTrim, standing with his patents.

InstaTrim is a Great Idea, so What's Next? - The Inventor Part Two

By Greg Amundson- Jan 30, 2020

Tags : Behind the BusinessBehind the ScenesGreg AmundsonInstaTrimInventorPeel and Stick Caulk

In last week’s blog, you got a general idea of how InstaTrim began and our experience growing this new business. Remember, inventing is fun, and anyone can do it.  It’s bringing a new product to market that is very challenging and where nearly 90% of inventors fail. You get what you pay for.  Be ready to spend a lot of money or look around for investors. You are setting yourself up for failure if you...