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10 Tips for DIY with the One You Love

10 Tips for DIY with the One You Love

By Kari Logan- Feb 14, 2019

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Greg and Betsy Amundson are no strangers to home improvement projects with their other half, and the occasional butting of heads that can occur during the DIY process. After all, as the dynamic duo behind InstaTrim®, they work together every day, on a mission make DIY easier for their customers.
InstaTrim Patent

Prepping for Patents

By Kevin Calgren- Nov 10, 2017

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Greg Amundson is an inventor and an entrepreneur with good business sense. He had an idea for a caulking alternative that would save homeowners time, money and mess. As a result, do-it-yourselfers across the country are trimming their home improvement projects with InstaTrim™, THE Universal Trim Solution.