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Prepare for Cold and Snow

A look ahead from the Farmers' Almanac

Farmer's Almanac 1818Did you know that the Farmers' Almanac has been predicting the weather across the country for 200 years? This book was essential to our ancestors who farmed their land and made critical planting and harvesting decisions, based on its predictions. The golden book claims 80% accuracy and their 200-year-old formula has remained consistent. One key component in the formula is the moon and its motions.

Some meteorologists and weather experts don’t buy what’s in the pages of the Farmers' Almanac, but it’s following remains strong. Decide for yourself, using these predictions that we pulled from its pages, but be sure to continue to follow your local forecasters as well.

So, what can you expect from the weather in 2018?

Eastern and Central

More “normal” temperatures are expected this winter, which means cold! More normal precipitation is also expected in many locations, which means snow!


The western third of the country, west of the Continental Divide, can expect less precipitation over last year. However, cold air may occasionally make its way to Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma, so if you live there, be prepared for up and down temperatures from very warm to very cold, mixed with some “tempestuous weather.”


You’re in store for some below normal winter temperatures and unseasonable chills as far south as the Gulf Coast. And, be prepared for above-average precipitation.

Finally, if you’re a skier, you will love this prediction: There will be more snow than normal from the Great Lakes to the Northeast! However, if you’re a homeowner, you may want to order some InstaTrim™ to block the cold on your windows and doors!

2018 Weather Map from Farmer's Almanac