InstaTrim is Protected and Ready for DIY Consumers - The Inventor Part Three

InstaTrim is Protected and Ready for DIY Consumers - The Inventor Part Three

Now you’ve invented and protected your idea, how do you get it in front of consumers?

Eyeballs!  That’s what your new product needs, lots and lots of consumer eyeballs!  This sounds easy but if you consider the millions of new products being introduced around the world this is your biggest challenge.

For example, if our consumer is not aware that there is a new peel and stick caulk solution to fix cracks and gaps in their home, the chance of us selling it is pretty low.  We believe that we have a unique product that is much better than any other peel and stick trim tape or rope trim currently on the market. But if you Google the word “caulk” you will have thousands of choices from the large companies that distribute these products. 

Competing on their level was not an option for us, so we needed to find ways to make InstaTrim stand out and give us an edge on the internet.  We started out marketing InstaTrim to the caulk buyer, but soon realized we needed to find our own “niche”. Our PVC flexible trim product is unique in that it can be used anywhere, not just to replace caulking. We changed our direction to market “flexible trim”. In fact, we rebranded our product from InstaCaulk to InstaTrim and sales increased dramatically.

The obvious thing to do is to start with a website.  You’re fine building your own website to start, and it’s exciting to see your new idea on the internet.  However, you’ll need to be realistic about the fact that not many consumers are going to see it if you don’t know how to play the “listing” games on Google and other search engines. Making your products and website more prominent requires experts who know how to navigate the sea of the internet and how to use keywords to drive consumers to your site. We began using key words like; Instatrim, flexible trim, caulk and caulk strips. As our business matured it was easy to discover additional keywords that made InstaTrim Flexible Trim easier and easier for consumers to find.

Once you’ve determined that you have a product that consumers want, the next natural step is to start selling on Amazon and other fine retailers.  We have become successful because of Amazon.  It’s the only retail platform available that gives anyone the ability to present new products to consumers while testing out product names, titles, photos and keywords.  Before you can fulfill orders, make sure you have a strong manufacturer in order to keep up with demand. We decided early on to keep our manufacturing in our home state of Minnesota because we feel strongly that USA made products are important to the economy and because we have a new concept with no real competition.

Do your homework and “network” with as many people as you can. You’ll be surprised at the connections you can make and things you will learn along the way.