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InstaTrim fills the gaps on windows and doors

Filling the Gaps on Windows and Doors

By Kevin Calgren- Aug 11, 2017

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Did you know that a good seal on windows and doors helps fight hot and cold climate changes?

By weatherproofing gaps in your window and door moldings, you help stop hot and cold airflow from coming inside your home at the wrong times of the year.

Window Weather Trim Strips

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air sealing an old or especially drafty house can save more than 20% on heating and cooling bills because your furnace and air conditioner don’t have to work so hard to keep you comfortable. How can you tell if your doors and windows need weather stripping, other than the obvious arctic blast or wave of desert heat coming through the seal and a wallet-draining energy bill?

  1. Wait for a windy day and stand by a window or door to see if you feel a breeze.
  2. Light a match or candle, stand by a door or window and watch how the flame and smoke react.
Weatherstripping comes in multiple materials and sizes, but only one has patented, self-centering wings to assure uniform positioning and a maintenance-free barrier that resists mold and mildew. Use InstaTrim™ indoors or out to cover gaps around your windows and doors. It can also help prevent bugs and critters from getting into your home!