DIY Things to Do When You Are #StayingHome – Part Two

DIY Things to Do When You Are #StayingHome – Part Two

Last week I gave you some ideas of small projects you can do around your home while you are #stayinghome. Especially projects that are often over-looked in bathrooms - toilet base, sink, flooring, bathtub, shower and vanities. This week I’ll show you how to replace or finish these areas with tips and tricks that will make your DIY project successful. 

First and foremost, most bathrooms are caulked with a product called silicone. Silicone is a rubbery and stretchy caulking product that has been very commonly used in bathrooms over the past 30 years, and was the standard go-to product for contractors and consumers.  The problem is that most of these products shrink over time and grow mold because they are somewhat porous.  The bigger problem is that silicone is unique in its chemical structure, no other adhesive will stick to it except more silicone. If you plan to replace caulking with InstaTrim Flexible Trim it is very important that you remove all traces of silicone prior to installation.

Follow these steps for proper silicone removal

  • Remove as much silicone as you can with a razor blade and/or one of the caulk removal tools sold in the big box stores (also available online)
  • Next, we recommend using acetone solvent. Make sure to turn on your bath fan and open a window if possible, acetone is a strong solvent that is flammable and emits strong VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) so ventilation is very important. I recommend using a stiff brush with acetone to gently scrub the surface that had silicone.  It is VERY important to understand that even though you have cut away the visible silicone caulk there will continue to be silicone oils and residue on the surface that you may not be able to see, these must be removed for InstaTrim’s adhesive to adhere properly. I recommend testing a spot with a small piece of our InstaTrim to check if it bonds well. 
  • NOTE: If you use mineral spirits, make sure to wipe down the area with acetone before installing InstaTrim because mineral spirits leave an oily residue on the surface

InstaTrim caulk replacement strips will last for many years without growing mold or shrinking like caulk will.  With our unique design and our patented wings you will have the perfect trim that is easy to clean, sheds water and moisture and is mold and mildew resistant.

Make the best of staying home and get some quick and easy projects done. You’ll be so glad you did.