DIY Things To Do When You Are #StayingHome - Part One

DIY Things To Do When You Are #StayingHome - Part One

Perhaps some of you have started getting bored staying home. Without the interaction with employees and staff it starts to get a little weird. Chances are this will continue for a while yet but I’m sure light is at the end of the tunnel.

So, what to do? You can clean and organize your home or apartment. Maybe start reading again. Of course, Netflix and cable TV are probably getting the most use.  However, some folks (me for sure) need things to do. I need to repair things, paint, build shelves, etc..

We manufacture and sell InstaTrim Products for use in the home. The single most popular room in the house to use InstaTrim peel and stick caulk is the bathroom. Think about how many times you are in the bathroom, start to look around and chances are you will start to see numerous areas that could use some help. There is traditionally more caulking done in a bathroom than other areas of the home. Unfortunately, bathroom areas are also the most challenging environment for any adhesive and caulking product, because water spots, humidity, soap and of other nasty things are difficult to clean. There are numerous areas of the bathroom that require some type of sealant or a self-adhesive caulk strip, such as:

  • Around the base of a toilet - one of the nastier locations
  • Around the sink - again, usually wet multiple times a day and it also gets covered in toothpaste, makeup, soaps and much more
  • Where your flooring meets the bathtub - here again this location is wet over and over throughout the day
  • Shower doors where they meet the wall tile or fiberglass enclosure
  • Bathtubs – if you have a bathtub where the wall tile comes down to meet the surface of the bathtub this is probably the most challenging location in your entire bathroom. Chances are that this caulking is already moldy and coming off in various spots
  • Bathroom vanities can also have numerous gaps and cracks along the floor that could use a nice flexible trim solution

Next week, I’ll show you how to replace or finish these areas with tips and tricks that will make your DIY project successful.