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Custom Peel and Stick Decorative Trim Accents Paint Colors

Custom Peel and Stick Decorative Trim Accents Paint Colors

By Greg Amundson- May 21, 2019

Our customers are getting creative with paint, driving them to purchase InstaTrim® to accent walls, trim baseboards, and cover sloppy paint jobs in wall and ceiling corners and crevasses. They’re requesting complementary and contrasting colors to pair with bold and dark paint colors and we’re able to give them anything they desire with in-stock or custom-made colors of InstaTrim. Here are two examples of trending colors:

Black is Back

Black paint (yes, the dark of night) is popular, so consequently, our black adhesive trim is popular too because it’s a very distinctive product. You won’t find black caulk or other black trim products out there, but you can find black InstaTrim right here.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that homeowners are gaining new confidence in black paint. According to Benjamin Moore color and design expert Hannah Yeo, “From 2017, we saw a nearly 30% increase in the usage of blacks for interior and exterior use. What was really interesting — in 2017, the No. 1 and No. 2 blacks were actually a really deep gray. But in the recent report, the No. 1 color in blacks was just pure black.”

InstaTrim’s patented, black flat plastic strips enhance the darkness of black hues for a perfect finish.

Going Deep into the Forest


PPG Paint Brand’s 2019 Color of the year is Night Watch. In a recent article, the Paint & Decorating Retailers Association Dee Schlotter, a senior color manager for PPG says, “The color resembles the deep green hues found in forests, and emulates the feeling of lush greenery and the restorative power we feel in nature.”

So, where are customers painting Night Watch onto walls in their homes? Dee Schlotter says, “It is perfect as a focal accent wall color in a bedroom or dining room and is especially impactful in spaces throughout the home that do not have windows or views of the outdoors, such as the end of a windowless hallway.”

Spring is here and the call of the outdoors is loud and clear, drawing us to doors and windows to get a glimpse of the transformation from brown to green. If you’re hungry for the beautiful hues of nature, consider bringing them indoors.

We have the ability to make custom colors of InstaTrim, upon your request. Minimum order is required, but you’ll need a generous amount for trimming walls and ceilings. So, if you’re painting in the darks, place your order for a complimentary or contrasting trim!